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  • Thank you for coming to our booth at FOOMA JAPAN 2019!

    Kanehachi Industry has once again been an exhibitor at Asia's largest food processing fair, FOOMA JAPAN. This year's booth exhibited the Dry Master Tray Type Food Drier, used for making dried fruits and vegetables. Thanks to all of you who visited our booth!

    出展ブース番号【H-35】 フォーマジャパン2019 7/9~12 東京ビックサイト

    What is FOOMA?

    FOOMA is derived from the words food and machinery. FOOMA JAPAN is the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition held by The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association. The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association aims to expand the food machinery industry and contribute to improving people's lives through survey-based research and the collection and provision of data related to food machinery, and the promotion of industrial areas such as standardization, safety and sanitization. FOOMA was founded in 1948 as the National Food Machine Manufacturer Round-table Conference. The name was then changed to the Japanese Food Machine Industry Meeting before taking on its present form in 1972, five years after the association officially became a corporation. FOOMA became a general incorporated association in 2012.

    Products Exhibited

    Automated Apple Peeling Machine
    Persimmon Dryer
    Freshness retaining device 【futecc】 Apra 【HK203B】
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